2 stars hotel in Zaragoza

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  • Description

    Sale 2* hotel in the Central square of Zaragoza: 60 rooms, 3.5 million Euros!!!

    Ideal location - main square of the city.

    Zaragoza is the fourth largest city in Spain, second only to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

    62 rooms, 1700 sq meters
    7 floors, restaurant.
    Overhaul: 2011.

    Rented hotel chain for 10 years for 280 thousand Euros per year, 8% ROI!!!

    Possible Bank financing of € 2.0 million under 1.9% APR for up to 15 years.

    Rare investment, combining high profitability, ideal location and low cost hotel!!!

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  • Features
    Property description
    Type of real estateCommercial properties
    Type of commercial propertyHotel
    Square feet1700 sq m
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